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Royalford Kitchen 12" Food Tong - Stainless Steel - Silver

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PREMIUM QUALITY Stainless Steel Tongs - Made of robust stainless steel, with a long handle that provides a firm, comfortable grip and keeps your hands away from hazards. Ideal for turning food hygienically and safely! These tongs have big 'bitey' clasping plates that grab and hold food effectively. Kitchen Tongs are real cooking essential, and they're long enough for flipping meat on the barbecue, and compact enough for general kitchen use too.
PULL-RING TECHNOLOGY, SIMPLE STORAGE - The pull ring will keep your tongs from opening and closing accidentally which will allow you to facilitate better control while using them. They are super easy to clean & our hanging ring pull mechanism allows for convenient air-drying and storage! When you've finished cooking or serving, you can conveniently store these tongs away. They feature an integral locking ring, which allows you to close them up for storage in a drawer, or hang them from a hook.
HEAT RESISTANT AND DURABLE - This cooking tong is made of stainless steel, which allows them to withstand high temperatures. And, they're designed to be durable &long-lasting. The handle contains an insulation coat that protects your hands from the heat that might be conducted across. They're tough enough to withstand nicks & scrapes, & they resist rusting & tarnishing too. Perfect for turning large cuts of meat while barbecuing! This tong is ergonomically designed to & is dishwasher safe.
MULTIPURPOSE - Perfect kitchen tongs for Cooking, Serving, Barbecue, Buffet, Salad, Ice, and Oven use. You will find how handy it is. With their large clam-shaped clasping plates, it's really easy to grip all sorts of ingredients, from big items like pork chops or chicken fillets to fiddly foods like salads. Use it for a variety of food, such as serving, cooking, salad, grilling, pastas, fruits, and others. The tongs are lightweight, making them easy to work with over an extended period of time.
SOFT GRIP FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT - Maintaining a secure grasp over these food tongs is really easy. Thanks to their non-slip, soft-grip panels you can pick up, turn over, and serve foods with minimum effort. These 30 cm (12") tongs strike a great balance between size and precision, so they're good for lots of cooking, serving, and BBQing jobs.

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